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Translation and Localization Pricing

The price of translation and localization services depends on many different factors. Before we can provide you with a specific advantageous price quotation, we require certain information about the project.

If you tell us the basic parameters of the project, we will get in touch with you immediately and discuss further details, such as:


·         language combination

·         delivery date

·         editing/proofreading requests

·         how much of the text is repeated

·         what format the source text is in

·         what the total amount of text will be

·         whether it is possible to use previous translations


All of these factors significantly affect the overall cost.



Exotic languages are more expensive than common languages. The price also reflects the type and number of editing services necessary for the purpose of the translation. Repetitive text and the format of the source text also have a large effect on the use of CAT tools, and consequently the price.

It is also necessary to agree on what units will be used to measure the translations and localizations. We definitely suggest using the number of source words.


DTP pricing


Desktop publishing is primarily dependent upon:


·         the total number of graphic elements

·         the complexity of the graphics

·         the source and target formats of the text